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For King and Country Foundation is a faith-based non-profit organization seeking to equip student-athletes in developing nations by providing access to facilities and programs of training and formation.

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For King and Country Foundation endeavors to provide state of the art facilities, Youth Development Centers, where youth can receive access to training and formation. In Haiti, For King and Country is currently raising funds towards building one Youth Development Center in every arrondissement, for a total of 42 Youth Development Centers.

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Through a scholarship program which involves providing low income high school seniors with scholarships to attend college/university, For King and Country Foundation supports young people in developing nations to attend higher education institutions.


For King and Country Foundation is dedicated to supporting and empowering youth in nations where student-athletic services and infrastructure are minimal. If you are interested in walking alongside us on this mission to empower youth to become civically engaged, faith-filled student-athletes, you can do this in three different ways.

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